Die Heads

We manufacture all kinds of die heads and calibrations for PVC, PE, PP pipes with the minimum size of 3mm and upto 630mm diameters. For profiles we can give quotations for obtaining die-heads and calibrations from Turkiye or from other countries.

  • Diameter range from 3mm to 630mm

  • Suitable for PVC, PE, PP

Cooling Baths

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 15.18.04.png

Our production also includes pipe cooling baths with or without vacuum and calibrations with 1m and upto 10m length of all kinds of profiles. In these units all the surfaces which are faced with water, are made of stainless steel and x,y,z movements are supported by electrical motors.

  • Vacuum or cooling tanks

  • Suitable for 1m to 10m length

  • All water contact surfaces are stainless steel and x,y,x motions are motorized.

Haul-off Unit

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  • Suitable for continuous pulling of PVC, ABS, PC, PE and PP solid-wall pipes during production

  • Pipe range from Ø6 to Ø630 mm with 2, 3 ve 4 caterpillars. 

  • Haul off units suitable for profiles from 10mm height to 100mm and from 100mm width to 1000mm..

  • Synchronization with the extruder allows control of the extrusion speed

Saw Units

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3 different cutting units for profiles:

a-top to bottom saw
b-bottom to top saw
c-bottom to top then rotating saw suitable for wider profiles.

2 different cutting units for pipes: 

a-rotating guillotine saw
b-rotating planet type saw