Teknomatik Engineering

1991 Established in1991 by a professional team who had 15 years of background in the plastic industry .We started in a 30 square meter office by providing technical service to different types of extruder lines and injection moulding machines as well as providing counselor support to different companies in the market.

1992 In response to a strong demand from the industry, the company moved to a 400-m 2 workshop to start manufacturing auxiliary machinery and equipment in addition to its technical support and counseling services. At first, the company manufactured haul-offs, saw units, die heads and 30-mm single-screw extruders.

1993 The company extended the scope of its manufacturing operations to include manufacturing of 45-60- and 80-mm screw diameter single-screw extruders and detail units such as haul offs, calibration tables, saw units, eject tables and so on.

1993 The growth of the company required an additional workshop and the manufacturing facilities were extended to occupy an area of 600 m 2 . The same year, the company started its exportation operations by shipping extruders to North America.

1994 The company purchased the machinery required for the manufacturing of double-screw extruders. The first experimental double-screw extruder was produced using cylinder and screws that were the company's own products.

1995 The company started to sell to domestic and international markets single-screw and double-screw extruders and complete lines.

1996 The list of the exportation outlets of the company that year included countries which play leading roles in the plastics industry such as Germany , Italy , Austria , Spain and France as well as Turkey 's neighbors such as Iran , Azerbaijan and Syria and also Uzbekistan .

The same year, the company started to produce 106-mm double-screw extruders and became the extruder manufacturer which has the largest capacity in the Turkish plastics industry.

1997 In addition to standard machinery production, the company started to produce technology-intensive machinery for special projects on the basis of special drawings sent by European customers.

During the same period, the company started to produce extruders designed specifically for the textiles industry.

The same year, the company started to export extruders to the Far East .

The same year, the company took part in the Milan Fair for the first time in collaboration with an Italian company and presented its double-screw extruders to world markets.

1998 The company extended its operational surface to a total area of 1,000 m 2 in order to satisfy the growing demand for its products.

The company produced a 46-mm screw diameter double-screw machine. This time, in addition to being the manufacturer of the largest capacity extruders, it became the manufacturer of the smallest capacity double-screw extruders.

1999 The company produced a 106-mm double-screw pvc granule extruder with a capacity of 500 kg/hour.

The company started to export extruders for textiles machinery.

2000 In order to satisfy a growing demand, particularly for textiles extruders, the company moved to a new 2000-m 2 plant.

The same year, the company produced for the first time an injection machine designed for a specific purpose. This allowed the company to manufacture a 5 kg-piece with a 350 ton clamping force.

2001 The company started its R & D operations and special project works in collaboration with universities.

2002 The company was again a pioneer when it produced, for the first time in Turkey , a 106-mm double-screw profile line with a length of 26 D and a width of 1 m at a capacity of 600 kg/hour.

2003 Production of double venting extruder with 300kg/h capacity which is developed from its predecessor EPS re-cycle granules.


2004 For the furniture industry, production of pvc edge bant for 300mm width.


2005 The construction of Istanbul plant was started. Double screw extruder with 750kg/h capacity was manufactured as being the first in Turkey.

2006 By developing edge bant production lines, 3 colour printing units were added into the line. And then, manufacturing of "edge bant production lines" for 500mm and 800mm width was achieved.


2007 We started manufacturing re-cycle lines and exporting them. In the same year, the width of "sheet lines" for furniture industry has increased up to 1 meters.


2008 With the aim of increasing the range of our production capability by innovative designs, our company started to manufacture "double exit,high speed,pvc window profile lines".


2009 With the experience we gained from recycling,"air cooling granul production lines" with 250kg/h capacity ,as being the first in Turkey and in Europe, was manufactured and exported. Thanks to this new design, plastic scraps containing high level of seluloz has been recovered back for the industry.


2010 With the aim of proceeding the R&D operations without any interval, our company continue with the machine designing which is neccessary for the production of "Bio-degradable plastics". We'll inform you when we have results.

Our target is to deliver our machines to the other countries at the world as well as the countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Ukraine, Sryie, Austria, Azerbaycan, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Iran...)

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